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Quiet, Small

Photo by Ales Krivec

A quiet, small
wooden dock,
rough with wear,
overlooks an
even quieter
Dragonflies hover,
making love
or offspring
midflight. They land
on our backs,
our warm and sweaty

the scent of sunscreen

over the flowers
in the far field.
As our tan lines deepen

and our skin begins
to burn,
as weeks and weeks
pass by, we come to

the same spot.

Sometimes our hair

is wet with
chlorine water,
other times

with fresh rain.
People pass, often
of our tick and ant
infested paradise
by the water.

We’re hiding,
but in the open;
any number
of walking trails

could lead any number
of dogs or people
to our location,
but they don’t.
Our secrets are
safe, wrapped up
in leaves,
and towels,
and melted ice cream

. . .

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Riel Redwolf
Riel Redwolf

Hey, I'm Ri. I write things. Care to join me?

I'm pagan, neurodivergent, pansexual, afab genderfluid, and polyamorous. Expect me to write about it.

Profile image by Dylan Hikes on Unsplash, edited by me

Banner image by Celso on Unsplash

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