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Paper with Purpose

A Poem

I am but a piece of paper.

I am used for homes and cars,

for bills and food,

for Churches and for illegal activity.

I control your stress and often your sanity.

I make some happy while making others miserable.

I provide you with security or uncertainty.

I leave you feeling successful or unfortunate.

Perhaps some would say I am the root of all evil,

or possibly the root of all joy.

You'll never know how much you need me,

until I disappear. 

You will work for me your entire life,

only to find I will not provide for you until the end.

I do not care if you are young or old,

if you are hungry or tired,

if you are single or married with children.

I am indifferent to those who touch me,

for I serve but one purpose;

To keep you wanting more.

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Paper with Purpose
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