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Pain and Misery Became My Advantage

I've been through hell so many times, I've gotten used to it by now.

Whatever can't kill you makes you stronger.

if there’s fuel left in the tank, then put it to use

i see adversity as an opportunity for growth, not an obstacle

i enjoy it when they doubt me

i enjoy it when they write me off

i enjoy it when they undermine my legacy

that gives me the spark that i need to

get back up and blow those simpletons straight out of the water

i’ll go right over your head

it’s what i’m great at, they don’t call me savage writer for nothing

i don’t stop until my enemies are devastated

The 48 Laws of Power are like doctrines to me

i’m getting better at dealing with odds

i complain less n’ do more to change it

i just wish some of ya’ll did the same

some of you are so far gone dat’ you lost all hope

let the games begin, my controller is fully charged

this journey to becoming a prolific author wasn’t easy

if so, then everyone would be doing the same thing that i am currently

they’re not, so it goes to show you who’s determined to do this and who ain’t

i went to a place so dim that it completely changed who i was as a person

i said this line before so i’ll kindly say it again

i ain’t the Khali you once knew yo'

somehow, i kept on delivering and delivering

despite my mental state being out of whack and everything

i’m getting the props that i deserve now

i’m getting the respect that i deserve now

soon enough, i’m gonna be getting the rewards that i deserve too

not acting entitled, i’m just telling the truth

not being an a-hole, i’m just telling the truth

not being dumb, i’m just telling the truth

of course i sound entitled to small-minded fools

of course i sound like an a-hole to small-minded fools

of course i sound dumb to those that actually are 

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Pain and Misery Became My Advantage
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