It demands to be felt.

Pain demands to be felt

Nobody can avoid him

broken hearts sting

like a bee

Nobody can bypass pain

he will always be there

you can ignore him or accept him

Pain demands to be felt

Pain is eternal

you'll be a slave to pain

you can ignore or accept that

don't waste your time trying to escape

You are a bondservant to Pain

Pain wraps itself around you

don't waste your breath escaping 

Pain deliberately chokes you

His dark shadow wraps around you

it smothers you to death

with the force of choking

Pain will always find you

You will fall

no one has the power to stand up to Pain

no matter what, Pain will obtain you

Pain is a universal bully

Nobody is brave enough to forget Pain

Everyone is inferior to Pain

He is a universal bully

Pain will always beat and cheat you

Pain is superior

He is oblivious to love

He will always beat and cheat love

Pain will endure forever

He is oblivious to everything

Nobody can avoid him

He will endure forever

Pain demands to be felt

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