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Paging Bertha G!

It's Me Divinity

Paging Bertha Gangsta! Are you there?!

Bertha G where you be?

it's me... your prodigy

They will kill me before they see

what they are doing to me

from the inside out

without a doubt

my heart will give out

what can I do?

just sit here in blue

waiting on you?

I mean what's a girl

gotta do?


sweet thing

you silly little goof

I got it all under control

I even have proof

that you're innocent and good

and not at all a spoof

you just have em thinking

when they act all aloof

bout how they all mistreated you

when you told them the truth

so sit back and relax

and pamper yourself today

cuz even though you're heart will not explode

in anyway

you deserve the finest

to help heal the damage

that seems to stay

Thx for letting me know

you're still here Bertha G

even though I know you are just

on the other side of me

I have to call your name

to let you know that you're thinking of me

It's weird how it's like that with the two of us

soon I'll get used to it

and there'll be no fuss

I'll just know from the bottom of my heart

who to trust

My dear Padawan

it takes a tribe

which you do not have

but stay true to your song

and you'll survive

in this world of lav

you won't be wrong

enjoy the ride

remember to be glad

for time alone

is when your mind

gets time to rehab...

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Paging Bertha G!
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