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Overdeveloped Primates

A comment on where we are as a species.

Planet interconnected more than ever before.

Strangers lives on timelines but more afraid of what's next door.

Bombardment of products they want to supply us.

Faceless interactions with those who want to divide us.

Minds linked by devices but breaking connection.

Misunderstanding and hate fill the comment section.

Overdeveloped primates debating what's factual.

About a world only imagined.

Nothing is natural.

Ideas spread emotion, love, hate, and doubt.

Only as real as the amount that theyre talked about.

Seperated from the earth.

Animal in space.

Still tribal on matters of religion, culture, and race.

A primitive nature though he would deny it.

Technological advancements new ways to apply it.

The species of the planet progress in stages. Habilis, erectus, homo sapiens.

Improving creations that is earth's solution.

Hope that they make it to their next evolution.

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Overdeveloped Primates
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