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Out of Body

Dysphoria and Dissociation

I don’t feel good today.

Today, I am lost inside my own body.

I look to my hands,

And to my eyes like

They will turn to a compass

To lead me to who I am;

A reflection I don't want to hide from.

Today, I feel like the Bermuda triangle

My heart, lost at sea

My spirit drowned

All that is left is my walking shipwreck

Today I feel like I have awoken

From a century long sleep.

I left auto-pilot on for so long,

That it became the captain;

So long that I forgot how to fly;

So long that I don’t know if I am

A plane or a boat but either way,

I am still a crash site.

Today, no atlas, no globe, no map

Will bring me back home.

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Out of Body
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