Our Vice

In my time of leisure I sometimes find myself looking back at this old piece of mine and I can’t help but take so much pride in it. Although it may not be all that to many, it certainly was to me. It showed the progress I made from wanting to be an amateur, illiterate, wannabe “Def Jam dope” poet to my own person.

It's time we paid the price

It's time we faced our vice

Confront our evils

Ensure our peoples

It's time we play it nice

Close the doors of violence

And revive a new type of defiance

One that rebels against rebelling

That speaks volumes for our silence

it's time we seek out guidance

Instead of remaining blinded

Misguided by society while our stories get viewed lopsided....Halfway told, halfway heard, Halfway spoken and halfway blurred

Stirred with a crooked spoon

Ka-pling-plop boom

Know when you hear that you're bound to get doomed But see me be immuned

While he and she they run straight to they room

With a bowl of cereal and they favorite cartoon 

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Our Vice
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