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Our Tree

A projection of our love

My dearest love, 

I saw a tree today. 

Now it wasn't just any old tree

It had a sturdy trunk and wide branches 

With rich amounts of colour 

That perfectly filled the gaps between them. 

I know what you must be thinking

You know that tree all too well.

It sounds a lot like our tree

And I can't lie to you 

At first I thought it was.

I stood there in front of its wonder 

And explosions of orange and yellow 

immediately surround my field of vision.

And when I looked closely I saw

The perfect amount of red lingering in the background 

The orange reminded me of the fire 

I feel inside when you touch me 

The yellow shone as bright as the happiness

I feel when I'm around you

and the red burned deep like my heart burns for you. 

But it wasn't the tree we fell in love with 

When we were young.

That tree is in another place.

Somewhere I know so well 

That I could find it in my sleep.

Then I realized 

The location isn't what makes it special.

It isn't the strong trunk or beautiful branches

Not even the exciting flashing colours of the leaves 

Can give the tree its magic.

It's the feeling you get when you stand there 

Looking up at it in all it's glory and splendor.

The way it sings to your heart

When the wind flies through it's branches 

And the way it dances before you so gracefully 

The thing that gives the tree it's magic 

Is the unexplainable love that we share.

The feeling stays with us wherever we go

and it emerges like that when we see

something so wonderful that reminds us of our love. 

When I saw that tree today

I saw us walking beneath it 

and it was like the love I have for you 

Burst from within me and erupted on the tree

Creating a perfect projection of what I feel for you.

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Our Tree
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