Our Experiments with Pain

We Enforce What We Cannot Contain

To be true to our version of real, we must first dip our toes into our experiments on pain.

Sometimes with sorrow;

Not knowing the outcome.

always fixating on the image that pays no gain

Until, one day life throws the strike across our path

Forcing us to just be.

Can we muster the might to find the strength within?

to pick up the pieces till we then,

endure our biggest fears through fearing… yes, fearing the happy moments that pass us by.

life happens when we are busy

Busy debating the plans to get our sick fixation.

Will we stop? look and see?

The real moments,

That make us close our eyes and breathe 1…2..3…

or will we stay blind to the doubt in ourselves as we endure to torture

Do you see?

Stripping the facade is an experiment with pain in itself

launching us forward producing a curve

throwing our lives into chaos

Beautiful. Chaos.

Seeing this brings us joy

This beautiful chaos

It throws us into an endless ploy

Until our mental state feels…


until it sets on the thrills

While we begin to unhinge..

Little by little we crouch down further into a cringe

We happily continue this painful binge

So sick.

Are we to hurt ourselves so willingly.

Until we scream and yell, “Will this help me?”

Throwing away our instincts to please the possibility

Ripping us into a deeper tone

Oh yes! A beautiful chaos is what we deal with. Indeed!

Feel it bubble up filling our lungs keeping from breathing fresh

In this beautiful chaos we begin to feel the depth.

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Our Experiments with Pain
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