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Our Addiction


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

"I'm an individual. 

I'm sure of myself and I don't need

No-one to give me a purpose or a ritual."

But our right thumbs keeps moving 


Up and down

Up and down

Without purpose until skin touches


And flashing images look up at us with

Doll eyes

Fake and begging to be

Touched with that double tap.

The people living in these phones

Present a smile to the world

And offer to feed us with their thoughts and


I fall into this trap, myself 

Because I want to know how it feels

To experience a small shred of admiration,


The ultimate kill.

But throw that hypnotising device away

So that we can't peer in or exist within it,

And let us allow others to

 Sniff the realest part of our being

And indulge in who we truly are.

We may be bitter and dark,

Or fermented with age and sour,

Or even sweet and tightly wrapped up,

And although it'll feel sore and unpleasant,

The gift of reality is the best kind of present.

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Our Addiction
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