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Do seemingly opposite people go together? Or are people actually more similar than we want to believe?

It is said that opposites attract,

But that is not commonplace

So why am I so attached to you?

We come from different pasts

Different hobbies,

Different friends,

So, it scares me how quick I’ve attached to you.

First does not mean more,

Even though you disagree

So, we must agree to disagree.

We interpret things differently and I try to understand your side,

I only hope you understand mine.

Yet, we have similar beliefs

And we both hold our goals to heart,

Even though that could tear us apart.

I’ve always planned for my future,

And I always will

But with you, I’m more concerned with now.

We have a long way to go,

Yet it feels like it’s been forever.

But even forever can’t prevent us from getting scared.

You treat me like a queen,

As least as much as you can.

I can only hope to treat you just as well.

The life that you show me,

Your laugh,

Your story,

Is it any wonder how I’ve become attached to you?

And when I look at who we are,

Are we so opposite after all?

A Gonyer
A Gonyer

I'm a college student and a creative writing minor trying to get some of my work seen. I prefer to write various types of fiction, but I also enjoy writing poetry.

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