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Opening Song

There is a low hum from a machine, there is the darkness outside.

Fort Bragg, CA © 2019 Andrew Arnett

Couple of dogs sitting by

my side. I’m in Fort Bragg on the edge

of nowhere.

this is the first poem of the year.

the year is 2019. there is a low hum from

a machine, there is the darkness outside.

the waves are breaking on the rocky shores

and cliffs. we’re near the edge of the cliff

we’re near the edge of the world. we’re

at the precipice where the future comes

crashing in. the future is now.

what now?

what will happen next?

the world is floating out in space

and so am I. sitting here, in this house

in this town so far away from home.

I don’t know what lies outside I don’t

know what lies inside. I’m out of sorts

here at the precipice of the future.

a belly full of Taco Bell sits in

my belly.

© 2019 Andrew Arnett

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Opening Song
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