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Only a Memory

It’s Those Things That Lurk in the Back of Your Mind

A memory 

Something you hide in your brain 

That no one can see 



It is yours 

Only yours 

People sometimes wonder what you are thinking 

Dreaming about 

But that is all yours 

No one else’s just yours 

Your memory is so strange

You will take a dog for a walk and your eyes

Your Ears 

All come to life you can see all of the pretty flowers 

Or hear the birds chirping

Not realizing the color of the grass of that the sidewalk is over grown 

It is overwhelming 


You want to sometimes just scream 

The thought of you not remembering is unfair

Why would your memory do something like this

Why would your brain betray you 

For it’s not this at all 

It’s simply just a horrible game that life plays on you 

Tricking you 

Teasing you 

Never letting you really understand the purpose of life 





All of these things just become only a memory 

Something you can never do again 

But for only over and over again in you head 

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Only a Memory
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