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One More Day

I miss you so much.

Mother, you don’t know what I would do just to have another day with you...a day to make things better all the way through.

Another day to make you smile instead of making you sad,

a day to walk next to you

and me holding your hand.

But it’s too late, now you are gone

and I’m still here looking for you

wishing that you will call my name

and ask me “son, how was your day?"

Now that you are not here

is when I need you the most

to tell you how much I love you

and ask God to bless your soul.


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Luz Lopez
Luz Lopez

I was born in P.R in 1964. At age 16 my mother sent me to live with my aunt in the beautiful state of CT. 

Between the ups and downs during my life, I found words to describe my feelings. I

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One More Day
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