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One More Breath...

A Poem

One More Breath.

If one more breath is all you have left...

What words would you say ?

As you exhale and the ultimate truth prevails...

What will live in endless echoes always.

Will you speak words of the wise ?

Or maybe bittersweet innocent lies ?

Will there be feelings of regret ?

Or gratitude and content.

Words can seem so trivial and few.

But they remain forever out there once they come from you.

And never a truer word has been said

Than from the one of whom is very near Dead.

I like to take the time to speak from my Heart.

For I understand we are mere tiny parts.

Of a small, small picture that creates the whole.

One day we will understand the mystery within our Souls.

And I do not know when my last breath will come.

But I do want my words to warm like the Sun.

And to be bright as the light that forever leads the way.

May “Thank you” and “I love you” be my words that remain.

Let us treat our days with appreciation as if they were our last.

Let us cherish, be thankful for our present, potential future & our past.

Let words of love, gratitude, compassion and positivity.

Come from the mouths of the humbled, both you and me.

I pray with hope in my heart with no Religion that guides.

I’ve swam Seas of Spirituality and against the forces of tides.

I leave my words to echo in the minds of the wise.

Praying they effect you like the miracle of Sunrise.

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Steven Baldry
Steven Baldry

I have been writing Poetry since I was a teenager. Now in my late thirties I enjoy it more than ever. I find it a wonderful release and it helps me to free my mind and understand myself and my emotions.

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One More Breath...
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