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One in the Same

A Poem

How many generations back would you have to go, until you see at one time your bloodline was owned? Not many when you think about it, that was only maybe 2 or 3 lifetimes ago.

How many generations back would i have to go, to see one of my own getting beat by the sun, being told by another man he has no right to exist on land that his elders used to call home? Crazy how those stories sound the same from many today, 100's of years have passed since then, with that being said somebody please remind me when was amerikkka great? The only difference is now the chains are placed in our brains. These are just surface observations anybody could make, most people wanna evade the topic the deeper I penetrate.

I think me and you can talk about it because we relate, so how did we get caught up in a state of division and hate?

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One in the Same
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