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One Day

One Day You Will Take a Step Back...

One Day

One Day you’ll take a step back

Wonder, how and when your life fell so far off track?

You’ll pause a moment looking up at the sky, understanding only God knows why

This life hasn’t been easy for sure,

The roads not paved in gold; 

Not calling with fortune or allure.

One Day you’ll wake up as old, 

Realizing your truths have never been told.

The things you’ve left unsaid, words unspoken;

Meaninglessly drift; alone and broken

You are in a constant state of yearning,

Always choosing the wrong path; 

Always so far from truly learning

If only you could go back to the who; back to the where

Each day you search and search, 

Only to find; I’m not there.

One Day you’ll glance at the time 

A gift so completely perfect, brings it all back to you.

One glance at your wrist causes an internal shift.

Memories come flowing in; The good, happy and true; 

A time when you allowed yourself to be completely you

Someday when that one day comes, 

You’ll dig deep and finally see

The happiness you seek, the love you continually long for;

You had it all along; in me.

One day when all is said and done

Your heart will know, without a doubt, I was always the one.

One Day you’ll take a deep breath, 

Take inventory of what you have left; all that is wanting

In that heart-stopping, mind-bending moment of time

You genuinely know

The heart you are missing; is mine

On that day, please don’t forget:

You had my heart the second we met.

I’ll admit I pushed you away, quickly regretting the words I said that day;

“It’s okay, I’m sure. There is nothing that says you can’t be with her”

I knew it was me you always adored

I can pretend to have not seen,

When you looked in my eyes; their ever deepening green.

I bore witness each day, your eyes never truly looked away

You told me as much was true, at that point, what could we do?

I could lie and say I don’t care

Fighting feelings that I won’t admit; I don’t dare

We could ignore your words spoken long ago, 

Allowing our truths to never show

What’s been done we could erase, what we feel now, we simply negate

We both know- that’s not how our story goes.

Yet I cannot continue to pretend, that this all works out for us in the end.

So someday when one day is here; 

Let the feelings flow through your heart my dear,

One Day you’ll never forget; it was you who pushed me away 

It was you, who let me go.

Only you have the power to change it all; 

Simply tell me to stay; allow your truths to finally flow

Just say the words; Please, don’t go 

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Dyan Hull
Dyan Hull

I’ve always written. Words are my escape, my power and my truth. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but one day I hope to be published. It’s a life goal that while I’m pursuing, gives me true joy. I hope you enjoy! ✌🏻

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One Day
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