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One Date

That changed it all.

One year comes and goes.

One simple year those made me forget you.

One year, one date, that is edged in my mind

That will forever haunt me.

One date that makes those memories all flood back:

The joy, the love, the lonely emptiness;

That only consumed me for months.

Oh how I wish they would leave.

Almost as easily as when you left me,

Exactly one year ago…

When it was easy to leave.

But now,

Times have changed,

So have the people who existed then.

Now I can only curl up in bed,

After this date, time after time,

And hope you remember,

Remember my bloodshot eyes

as you walked across that street,

And all the tears I shed for you who held my heart.

And know that I was the realest thing you ever had.

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One Date
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