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A Prayer to an Unsteady Road

No, it’s not when the sun

At its brightest shines upon

It’s not when the temper is cool

And there is calm near the shores


No, it’s not when in Dover

The waters are crisp

And Britain’s French lover

Blows over a kiss


It’s not even when that ill seed

Breeds tragedy’s poisonous ivy

And gasp in midair gust meets

Therein hope, still breathes


When is it then that will’s a test

Perhaps well within heartbreak

Maybe in cold solitude’s wake.

When will it hunt this heart in despair?


Tell me dark angel, tell me once more

When dawn’s afar and the path’s obscure

What bark, perhaps willow or maybe red oak

Will hold a faint heart when such time's upon?


The truth is there’s no way to know

Every light breeze can become a storm

But when the wolf’s shrewd howling

Through deep dark prologues

Always remember to stand, and stand tall

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