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Once Again

Look for the turning point in one's path.

Photograph by Author

Once again my heart is tried;
Once again I saw joy that could not hide.

Once again the stark cold of reality splashes my face;
Once again I must chose the winning path of the race.

Once again I thought I could have it all;
Once again my selfish desires are shattered against the wall.

Once again I leave behind my desire;
Once again I burn it upon a pyre.

Once again I arise from the ashes;
Once again the opportunity for joy did not turn into a crisis.

Once again a turning point presented itself;
Once again I do what I know is best for myself.

Once again change is around the bend;
Once again mixed signals to God I cannot send.

Once again my wings shake off the rain;
Once again I am ready to fly again.

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Elizabeth Adolphi
Elizabeth Adolphi

As a child I had a flair for the dramatic; as an adult, the flair has turned into a subtle, yet continuous hum. I love to see the world through different scopes and to tell stories based on the takeaway. Cheers!

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Once Again
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