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On the Way Down

You sold me again.

I see behind the stitches

The wound you left behind

and I’m not talking about the cuts

the bruises, the wounds.

I’m talking about the soul behind the shell.

You are a lion I have declawed.

You are a snake without its bite

a shark without its teeth

a crocodile without its jaws.

“Keep moving,” momma tells me

“Yesterday is history

tomorrow is a mystery.”

They did say mother is always right.

I knew you were trouble,

that coat that screamed “danger,”

that smile that screamed “lover,”

my tears that screamed “help.”

I look at you—

those eyes say “innocence”

when I look with my full heart.

Your brain in a funk,

mine aching for yours to day “change”.

You look at me.

You look past my stitches-

past my cuts, bruises, wounds

Right to my soul, you say

“I’m sorry, babe.”

My heart melts,

those tender eyes sell me again

like they did before

like they do now

like they always have.

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On the Way Down
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