On the Sideline

Poem About Being Hurt and Left

Balls in my court

And you're no longer

Cheering from my sideline

Do I not matter

Do you no longer CARE

What made YOU

Stop being on my side

What turned you against me?

What makes you think

That this pain I feel

Is all in my head

I don't remember

The last time

that you all cheered for me


You're supposed to be

On my side no matter what

So why do you question me?

What gives you the right

To say things like

"You're just a drama queen"

"This is all in your head"

"Nothing's wrong with you"

It hurts ya know.

So I'm a "drama queen"

Just because I'm hurting?

I don't understand

Since when did hurt

Mean I'm dramatic?

YOUR pain is all in your head

Everything YOU feel isn't real

YOU'RE the drama queen

Doesn't feel great does it

Having an invisible illness

That doctors can't find

Doesn't feel good

When you sit there and question it

So the BALL is in your court

Choose your next move wisely

Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra

I'm a mother of 2 girls. Azalea born 12/12/2012 and Scarlett born 5/11/2017. I am also the loving fiance to my wonderful boyfriend of almost 6 years! 

I am looking to share my poetry with the world. My family said to start somewhere :)

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