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Photo by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira on Unsplash

Your Facebook profile page reads "24 years old and Single,”

so I look through your photos that you posted,

or your friends posted,

in an album titled ~*Party Animals*~,

and find one with you on the beach,

in buggy sunglasses,

neck stretched like a giraffe in a fight,

wearing a white bikini top,

tits voluptuous,

with a filter that gives you puppy dog ears,

both of our mouths' agape,

tongues lolling from our heads,

as I discover your Instagram handle,


where you showcase your best mood swings,



that make me swallow while I imagine you swallow,

your throat as shallow as your Twitter feed, reading,

"A girl should be two things:






and the candid, classic, mirror-model poses leave me wondering,

"How do your reflections keep up your appearances?"

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