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On the Nature of Art

Haikus about the line between art and relevance.

Cherry blossoms —

Under every tree

A Buddha on display


"I let my Pain fuck my Ego and I called the bastard Art"

Birth of my healing

Creation does not make art

Accept irrelevance


Garden sprouts from me

Roses blossom these three years

Shit fertilizes

Fool's Gold

Which yields better art:

Quality or quantity?

Gold among pyrite

Meta Haiku

Bastardized artform

My soul replaces nature

Thief of structure, style


The muse comes from pain

She graces after trial

Sometimes, from beauty


Tattooed on my breast

Reminder to create art

And landscape of art


Four elements one

Together unite tonight

create new magyk

Art Is

Musings of a muse:

Why must art be relevant?

It's truth and beauty

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On the Nature of Art
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