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On the Edge of Darkness

Fear of the Unknown Night

Green eyes glowing in the dark what is it?

Edge of darkness

Copyright June 2nd, 2013

Out there on the edge of the darkness

Eyes glowing greenly back at me.

I hear the soft stealthy tread

of padded feet as the creature advances.

Its green glowing eyes look menacing

What is it, a wolf, bear, cougar?

Fear goes through me and a chill goes

down my back, I feel frightened at the unknown

I hold my breath in trepidation

Should I turn and run, or go inside the house?

Suddenly Its fur brushes against my ankles

and I hear the deep rumbling purr of contentment.

It is only my kitty Cheetoh, Who is seeking

A pat, a pet and a cuddle and some love.

Jennine Donier
Jennine Donier

Associate Pastor of Ekklesia Church of God New Covenant Saints,  Mother of 4, grandmother of 19 and great great grandmother of 5.   Writer, photographer, wife, , homemaker. Retired Teacher's Aide.  Entrepreneur, Grief and Marriage Counselor 

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On the Edge of Darkness
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