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Old Soul

l won't leave my zone.

I see life from a screen

but is dusty, scratched

is not even clean

I can barely see

I lost the interface

between the world and me

l have no courage to think

no more trust on what I feel

what is the price for time?

it is sliding on me,

thick as slime

and I grasp it again in a rhyme

ln the eyes of a child

ln a random smile

of someone who became

stranger after a while

I need to be on the go

they told me time ago

still stuck on my own,

I lost the key to perform

watching beasts with no roar

and their race, serious faces

going back and forth,

eating their onw bone

I wont leave my zone

I will live how I love

I don't believe in this world

I am an old soul, I feel alone

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Old Soul
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