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Oh! Weary Child

What death said to me the first and last time we met.


Oh! Weary child, I look upon you with hurt.

I have walked around you in circles all your life,

Wishing I could intervene and take away the pain.

I have seen the waves come and go on your shore.

They came but, surely, they always left.

Did not much help the demons in your mind.

For the external battles were still being fought,

When internally they waged a war.

I have seen how your mere existence fought it all.

I could not believe a vessel so weak could carry someone so strong.

Things you humans do for the sake of love.

That’s another feeling that’s stronger than most.

I heard you stifle your cries in your pillow.

All the scars on your arms and legs were noted by me.

For though you tried, sometimes it was harder to fight.

I understand, but maybe I’m the only one.

I kept an eye on you all this time.

See you grew, see you try to shine, with all your might.

But no longer have you got to fight,

The end is near now, it is in sight.

Clasp onto my hand for the pain to subside.

Because after this remains no longer the demons, or the darkness, or fright. 

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Oh! Weary Child
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