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Oh, London

I will miss you.

Air that costs too much,

She pans from eye to eye -

trying to find the truth.

We all rush to take her hand,

she buckles beneath us

like a lame horse under a fat child.

We don't have the voice to say,

'let's take things slow',

'one at a time',

'let me catch my breath.'

We lay broken and breaking under the weight of her carelessness

and we rush, and we rush, and we rush, without thought of her fragility.

We complain,

she delays,

no other city would treat us this way.

A snowflake on the tracks breaks her back

and She nestles under the covers,

taking a sick day.

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Linxi Van Romanovski
Linxi Van Romanovski

An obsession with origin stories, I write and rewrite my own. I don’t need a happy ending, I just need to know there is something else, something other than this. Give me something worth believing.

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Oh, London
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