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Oh Father,

How I wish I never knew you.

A footnote in a lengthy novel series.

A stray thought whenever I hear the word "Dad".

Do you think of me at all these days?

How you've failed me? Shall we count the ways?

Abandonment is mild considering all you have and have not done.

The shocking part is, I don't feel that I've lost anything being without you.

Your only son.

An effervescent, captivating, enigmatic, ethereal literary masterpiece of prose and verse; An all-encompassing, gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, agonizing and uplifting orchestral symphony of endless notes; A cosmically disastrous natural wonder.

You have no interest in.

Without you, your Sun continues to burn bright.

A Phoenix rising from the ashes of your iniquity and ineptitude. A mermaid riding the waves of your lackadaisical absentee ballots to a land of clearer waters. A stallion traversing the dead weeds of your ill-tended plains to greener pastures.

How I wish I never knew you.

So instead of wondering what it would have been like to have you as an active participant of my life I could wonder what it would be like to have a father.

I wonder what it would be like to have a father.

Who are you? A random stranger that I happen to share DNA on a chromosomal level with.

A speck of dust on my otherwise clean canvas.

A troglodyte that will never evolve beyond its monocellular state.

I can't help but think of all the fathers that did and still do right by their children, especially sons.

Instead of being a product of you, my father, the only person on the planet that could have provided the correct DNA to successfully create this creature that I am; I am who I am how I am with all of the skills and abilities that I am imbued with in spite of you.

In spite of your failure to do the only job you've ever actually had, being my dad.

These are the thoughts that I have when people tell me that it is Father's Day.

A day to celebrate fatherhood and paternal lineage.

A day to recognize those who have fulfilled their duty as pillars of strength, fortitude, honesty, integrity, understanding, temperance, and dignity.

So, I recognize those of you that have done and are doing a stellar job at fatherhood, I commend you and celebrate you and wish you the best.

Oh Father,

Sometimes I wish I had one.

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