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Ode To You

I hope you read it.

Six years gone and past

I watched something we never made last

Besides that

Now I find myself as I rebel through the broken facts

I can't begin to explain the memories I have with you

and look for someone to blame

Down to earth, you were my best friend

and when I needed someone I always ran to you and usually in pain

When I think of my broken up truck I think of my favorite passenger

the kid that gave me laughter

and taught me even the most silent things are beautiful

However they only last in factors

you made me realize who my friends truly were

and I didn’t need to act like everybody to be cool

I owe a debt to you

for the one who liked me even as I was lame and dull.

For my final fair well I wish I could say

I still had you in my life

not as a lover

but as the one to help walk down these pathways

I miss you with the upmost adoration

and wish you more than the best

I hope you come to see me leave.

If not may my memory lay to rest.

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Ode To You
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