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Ode to the Sea


Trinidad speaks to me with a strong roar followed by a soft whisper it calls me home. Waves rise up in the powerful ocean curling inward looking deep within itself. Displaying its beauty shining as clearly as glass for a few brief seconds before it crashes in and shatters with immense force. The water then softly fades away and leaves behind an untouched surface that gleams like a mirror on the shore. My feet are grounded in the damp coarse sand that welcomes me latching to my skin. Cool wisps of wind wrap around me and roughly kisses my face leaving behind lightly blushed cheeks and tiny scratches. Salty air fills my lungs and nourishes my soul reviving my spirit and charging my body with its immense energy. Gloomy grey clouds roll high above as seagulls swirl and sing their songs, swiftly swooping down to claim their prize of a sea creature meal.

Cliffs raise high black and grey tatted with the life-giving lichen displaying the ability for life on these hardened surfaces, a glimmer of new beginnings. They stand strong having been carved out by the countless untold storms that have crashed up against their sides over its lifetime. Cypress trees can be seen high on the tops of the cliffs knotted, bent and clinging on for life they grasp with their exposed roots for survival, a true display of endurance and beauty. Hillsides are embellished with the emerald sword ferns, delicate and bright bleeding hearts. Out towards the sunlight the white tips of the yellow and purple lupine smile, seaside daisies’ bright yellow centers are encompassed by fragile petals of purple. These beautiful wonders cascade down from the desolate surfaces, they trickle into the expanse of rich life below.

The shore welcomes you to explore its many diversities. Jagged masses of rock jet up through the sand they stand adorned in slimy seaweed with its ruffled edges green and glossy purple too. Muscles clump together with their shiny dark exterior and a razor blades edge, barnacles scattered about, starfish violet, golden orange and crimson can be found clinging to the sides. Sea urchins lurk with their key lime centers surrounded by purple and pink tips. Large orange jellyfish sway in the water below beautiful and dangerous, they sway enticing their next victim. Tiny crabs dance proud yet cautious in tide pools as new water rushes in renewing the pools with an endless buffet. Seashells and sand dollars in an array of shapes and colors appear on the sand as priceless gifts from the sea. A coveted prize is the beautiful smooth agates, transparent wrapped in a creamy lace pattern they hide among the more common stones. Rocks roll over in an endless combination of colors, textures and sizes each one is ever changing as it is perfected. Being tumbled, polished and edges being rounded over by the heavy pounding of the sea. Seals can be heard in the distance as they bark claiming their rightful place and then they stretch out contently soaking up the warm sun. Dolphins leap in the waves riding them out and jumping out to see the world above.

Beauty and life are displayed in the fullest sense here. You can stand in awe at the vastness of the sea stretching out beyond the horizon. Immense power so delicately balanced and displayed to perfection. Endless wonder is found in the eyes of the young children that tread on this wonderful place. Discovering adventure and endless possibilities in their new found friend the sea, hearts are forever touched. High rock formations are discovered to climb and see new perspective, offering safety from the crashing waves that roll in. They play hide and seek with the shells in the tide and the endless sand offers a warm place to lay. This place is what dreams are made of as they create the towering sand castles and bury their treasure.

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Amber Gant
Amber Gant

Writing is my passion and life blood, it is something that brings me happiness and helps me heal. I hope to share what I have made with you all, taking something frayed, tattered and broken from life and making it beautiful.

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Ode to the Sea
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