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Ode to 2019

Finally I've reached that day!

Graphic Creation By Tyler Skye Haynes 

Finally I've reached that day!

The one where I stand tall

Pondering with feet planted upon mountain peak,

What is important?

This comes from within;

A heart filled with strength

And courage and drive

Ambition, I'm steadfast and forward.

They can't hold me back this time

No, I'm telling you now;

Not a soul can hold me back!

Try if they must

Though without a doubt

It'll bounce back on them, not I.

I told you nothing.

Will pull me even a single step behind

Know why?

'Cause your words were lies.

When you whispered you'd hold me,

Said "of course love, I'll be there"...

Yet you've no idea

The places I have been

And you weren't the shoulder

Upon which those heavy drops fell

Oh God! They were so endless and heavy!

That though, is the past now, 

Won't catch me a-dwelling!

You were nowhere to be found...

This time though I'll not know despair

This is my time

There is one single difference;

For this round, my expectations

Are of self, coming from within

I need not a soul else.

My time;

Mark here; they'll regret denying me

Now I will shine and I will outshine!

The limelight, going forward,

It is mine, all mine!

Tyler Skye
Tyler Skye

Writer, poet, hopeless romantic, lover of art, fashion, style, design and self expression through these things. Currently focused on going back to school. Hopefully my writing invokes inspiration and creativity.

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Ode to 2019
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