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Ocean Eyes!

Would you jump into the ocean to see underneath his heart, would walk through burning flames to look into his eyes?

There's a map

In the shape of a heart

It haunts her night dreams

It appears in her day dreams.

This map guides her everywhere.

It lead her to him, to his smile and his eyes.

She's been everywhere except what seems to be the center of the heart, an empty space. Unmapped!

That empty space intrigues her.

She runs to it but at every try, she falls and awakens. She loses the opportunity!

She flies to it but at every try, she falls and awakens. She loses the opportunity!

So she imagines it.

Burning cities, flaming air, burning skies and a glimpse of your eyes; Ocean eyes!

She tries to change the wind but the heat grows stronger. The city is burning up, the sky changes from dark orange to pitch black!

Deep breath!

Holds your hands.

Standing at the edge, unafraid of falling.

Afraid of letting go. She takes a journey into the ocean, the one hidden in your eyes.

The city changes! She thinks to her self: "Please don't take this moment away from me."

And at that she falls down into his hands, as he opened the door to the center of his heart she felt the wind change and stepped inside, barefooted into the ocean.

Your ocean. Your ocean eyes!


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Ocean Eyes!
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