Obnoxious Liberals

A Poem- Inspired by Basquiat

Obnoxious Liberals by Jean-Michel Basquiat 1982

Obnoxious Liberal!

With your poster and paint!

Your face stained red with anger.

The farmer you stand for has a red face too,

he's been in the sun for weeks.

And the prisoner you love has a mouth stained red, 

he has no water to drink.

Obnoxious Liberal! 

You stand in the street, 

you and your kind hand in hand.

While the people you fight for hold their family close, 

in the short hour they have.

Obnoxious Liberal! 

You think you're a saint!

Your Fuck Trump shirt has the blood of farmers

woven into the seams.

And at night you smile when the criminal gets caught

yet in the morning the institution's your enemy

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Obnoxious Liberals
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