Kanysha Campbell
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Notice Me

A Poem

It's been three years now. Three years of us and all our nuances, our ins and outs, ups and downs. I know I've gained a little weight but you said that you loved me and all my flaws. Yet you stare and save women in your phone who are the opposite of everything that I am.

Notice me.

We've shared so many laughs, giggles, and chuckles. Singing our favorite songs that come on the radio. You tease me, telling me that my singing voice leaves much to be desired, but you don't mind because you think it's cute. Yet you rub it in my face when someone sounds better than I do.

Notice me.

We've been together so long that sometimes I don't care what I wear or how you see me, but when I dress up, hair and makeup done, you don't notice. I have to ask for your opinion like I'm fishing for compliments when I'm really just self conscious.

Notice me.

I'm trying to be who I think you want. Putting the real me aside to please you, but you're blind. I crave your attention beyond sexual tendencies and want you to touch my soul not just my body. Stop comparing me to other girls because I will never be them. Stop leaving me hanging like a leaf in the wind. Act like you've been my boyfriend of three years. Hold me and chase away my fears.

Notice me.

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Notice Me
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