The way you stare into my eyes, 

As if you’re analyzing every single detail 

Etching out every thought, 

Every emotion, 

Every subtle sign that points to the one fact you already know.

I love you. 

And you know it.

I love you.

And you can tell from the sliver of happiness you saw in my eye that it’s true.

And you’re protective.

Of my fragile frame, kind heart and open mind.

I know because of the way you hold my waist when we walk by the road,

Not allowing me to get too close 

Keeping me at a safe distance from not only the immediate danger of the road but from other dangers you fear may come along.

And I know you love me 

Not because of the things you say,

Or the way you touch my body,

Or the look of lust I often notice in your eyes. 

I know because when we stand looking at the mountain your voice is different,

You’re aura is protective

And your mind is open.

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