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Do you notice it’s about you?

Would you notice me if I left?

No longer here.

No longer part of your life.

I notice you

Even if I shouldn’t.

It’s been years

Nothing changed

Yet everything had,

But still

Here we are.

An impasse.

We go through life

And always come back.

Even for a moment

We talk a bit

But it’s always the same.

You do your work

I go through the months day by day

You care about me

And I care about you.

But it’s not enough everything is

Still the same

Yet totally different.

I still feel the same

And so do you

But they aren’t the same.

They aren’t the same feelings.

I care more than I want to admit 

You don’t reciprocate 

But how do we always end up here?

The same place

Same situation

A limbo between together and apart

A place between fully committed 

And not.

You want me

But not enough.

Not the way I want you.

So would you notice?

At all?

I don’t think you would.

Emily Valdez
Emily Valdez

Some of my posts are from when I was full of teen angst. I wrote mostly through the roller coaster of a relationship like all teens have at one point. Some other stuff is newer and less dark. Hope you give it all a chance. Happy reading.

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