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Nothing New Is Underneath the Sun

It has already been.

Flesh, Soul, and Spirit

Nothing new is underneath the Sun,

it has already been in Ages past,

but remembrance in later generations is no longer in minds,

because memories fade so fast.

A Preacher once spoke to you 2018 years ago of such things,

but did you listen to his words,

and that which will be,

sadly I think not.

One Age passes and another comes in a not far off time,

just as generations come and go,

some fast,

and some slow.

The Signs of the times are everywhere in these latter days,

but earthly human beings race to and fro,

and see not the signs unfolding before them,

or the woe.

If by chance you read this Spirit's words,

then heed them carefully,

for within these poetic words which come from one Spirit,

are secrets of the mystery.

Nothing is new underneath the Sun,

everything has been here before,

including your technology,






and weaponry.

Best Wishes


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Nothing New Is Underneath the Sun
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