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Nothing Left in Me

You said...

Don’t want to talk anymore, I’m obsessed with silence.

You talking was a remedy, now all it is... it’s pain.

But how lucky was I to have something that makes saying goodbye to so hard to do.

You told me to hold on to hope, but hope hurts, and I didn’t want to hurt anymore.

I would die 100 times just for you to stand in front of my eyes.

When you abuse love, it always comes with its price.

There’s always a choice, but whenever you make one, someone else gets hurt.

You’ve made terrible mistakes, done things no apology can heal.

You didn’t want to be good because you told me once, “I don’t let people see the good in me, because when people see good, they always expect good.”

But I didn’t see good, I saw misery, I felt the pain you carried with you.

You saw the light in me when all I saw was darkness.

I covered my heart in boundaries, I was hurting too much, my heart was furious.

I know many last words, but I’ll never get to know yours.

Leaving was a mistake, but for you it was just another day.

My heart died, shedding each hope like leaves.

Until one day there were none. No hopes. Nothing left in me.

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Nothing Left in Me
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