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To the Dreams of Unknown Faces


The night seems darker tonight,

My mood amplifies light's absence and echoes into the emptiness of my chamber beckoning for an unknown. 

I dream every night before sleep takes me,

Dream of memories faded through repeat viewing, the company once held so tightly in my arms like a vice I thought would never loosen. 

How strange the life of the youth is,

It paints pictures of certainty on virgin canvases, writes eternal vows from childhood first loves promising eternal devotion of two lives so unlived and yet to blossom. 

But sweet is the love to the taste when it first hits the tongue,

And it scars the heart with every beat from that moment on, skipping in rhythm in every familiar perfume, every cold morning once shared, the list of songs you swore were made for your own love story. All made bittersweet in the face of adult obligations and these darkest of nights. 

But my dreams take solace in one fact,

A single ray of light that pierces the veil of depression that haunts these witching hours to fill me with the hope to sustain another day in solitary. 

In this world of vast humanity, 

With their multitude of motion in every direction, in cities where every tale ever told meets fact along the way. In this world somewhere is a live separate from my own, trudging down a path that has yet to collide with my directionless progression. 

And this person will love me. 

We will not know a life without sharing every moment with the other, we will delve into the depths of the night lighting the sky with the stars of shared passion. Those boyhood promises will no longer be hollow, but will be the foundation of a world so alien to the ones we live in now. 

Tonight we both gaze sleeplessly about our cells,

Tearing the roofs apart with our minds and bridging the unknown lengths of time between our meetings so that we might finally embrace. We dream of a blank face waiting to be filled, of a voice that will one day be the same morning greeting as fresh coffee speaking three words we find impossible to tell ourselves in these nights. We dream of the feel of spectral skin, transparent from our present day viewpoint but will one day be a memorised map of freckles and perfect imperfections. We dream of nervous parental introductions turned into new families, of separate friend circles sharing wine and laughs at our embarrassed expense. We dream of a lost moment in each others uncolored eyes, lasting eternity in a single second because we know that life has brought us together through the unknown. 

I smile tonight. 

I know she does too. 

And somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear the echo of an unknown laugh that will one day be what I will live to hear every second.

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