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Not Safe

“Shots Fired”


Where did it go wrong? Have you noticed how everything is changed?what happened? I ask myself over and over again.

Kids used to be able to play outside

“Simon says," “hide and seek”

or any other game.

But time has changed and it’s not safe.

Violence has taken over, young kids are running the streets,

in every corner there’s a group looking out for each other... or maybe just the “hood”.

It’s so scare just to go outside because all of a sudden a car is driving by...

“Shots fire” you will hear someone scream, “shots fire”

better call the police.

Is not safe here and is not safe there,

Is not safe in the schools, the church or anywhere.

So you see?? I don’t want to die, I rather stay inside and just play my “Nintendo” or play with my phone

the “Xbox” or “PlayStation."

Is not the same... so I’ll rather

stay inside where I feel safe.

Luz Lopez

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Luz Lopez
Luz Lopez

I was born in P.R in 1964. At age 16 my mother sent me to live with my aunt in the beautiful state of CT. 

Between the ups and downs during my life, I found words to describe my feelings. I

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Not Safe
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