Not Another Teenage Movie

A Satire of Formulaic Plots and Endings of Classic Teenage Romantic Comedies with a Twist

Not Another 80s Teenage Movie

I am Independent, Down-to-earth,

“Smart” Girl

hopelessly in love

With Jock


Possesses a Brain.

First half of the movie:

ditch Glasses and

Be a Popular.

Date the jock.


realize the error of my ways,

return back into the person I was,

but keep some of the clothes.

Last Half:

realize the “oddball” best friend

is the only one who truly stands by me.


make peace with the populars,

Date my friend,

Ditch the jock,

And be one of the few at the

reunion that is truly happy.

Too bad I won’t be coming back on the set. 

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Idalis Nieves
Idalis Nieves

I'm a college student passionate about writing, which I aim to use to bring to light changes in the world whether it be from my eyes or another. I'm so many things-- a geek, foodie, a shopper, somewhat tech savvy, etc. And I love it.

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