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Suffice to say, I thrive in the dark.

Eyes wide open as that of a preying owl

Thoughts in my head, drifting like bats at night

Soul searching, digging deep into my mind’s bowel

With this chilled and dark aura, my heart is filled with fright

Alone with a pen and empty sheets of paper

I invite my demons in

They have been lurking in the corner since sunset

The warm fuzzies and throes of mine I pen down, measured in a million acres

Drink from the goblet of wisdom, for in here I host a banquet

These moments I most relish

Solitary, yet the whole world is my audience

These moments I most cherish

At this hour, I experience the most tranquil ambience

So peaceful

So quiet

The world seems to be a different place

I feel like I own the world then, with everything done at my ultimate pace

All the clusterfucks of the world kept at bay

Weakness herein is nothing but destructive energy

My productivity becomes limitless, I must say

Earth’s elements with my mind and soul find synergy

These moments make me

These moments tame me

Suffice to say, I thrive in the dark.

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Pacho Poetry
Pacho Poetry

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. Poetry is my means of CATHARSIS and Music is my THERAPY#ToLoveAndBeLoved

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