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No Love

Music to Meaning


We do not love. We do not feel

In the society we very dream of, is one we will never see

In the world we live in

 we are one

not one body, but one life

The life blocked together by society which modern day civilization calls "the standard"

I don't want to be standard

I want to be me

I want everyone from child to grandparents to feel free

free to do the very thing's, that some may deem stupid or immature

But the only thing immature about the world we live in, is the simplicity of it

wake up, work to live, work to retire, work to die

I don't want to live that way

Is that okay?

Is it okay to want, to want more

I know it's not easy but why can't we all live like this

In a place where prioritising the very things we love leads to failure, we lose hope

I want to wake up every day with a smile

A smile not only for life, but a smile for the adventures I am about to embark on everyday

I want to feel, I want to love

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No Love
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