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No Distinction

Greed and the Struggle

Mere droplets of water, yet very heavy

Everybody get out of the way, be weary

The rain is hitting, and it hold no query

It doesn’t matter if your a man, woman, or a baby.

The rain will hit you squarely

The source of all life, water.

It gives us all that’s needed to survive, but why bother?

We struggle everyday for survival,

But in the flip side, there are those who slaughter

Man, woman, or baby, no distinction

Destroying life here and there, no confliction

“Oh we need this and that, it’s near extinct here”

“Where do we get it?”

“Oh take it from whoever, no distinction”

Greed has got a hold of us, not discriminating

Creating war upon war, never ending

Spilling the blood of humans, no distinction

Can we not be happy with what we have?

Do we always have to go and grab?

All these wars lead to more corpses and scars

Eventually the whole world will be in strife

So who do I choose to blame? The greed.

The greed will lead to our extinction

All humans in the world... just gone.

No distinction.

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No Distinction
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