Night Rise

Observations of Nature

They say that night falls. They are mistaken. It rises from the land slowly like litmus in water. Unfurling inky tendrils of blue, reaching out and up to color the world in shades of mystery.

Sweet is the evening air, whispering across sun kissed skin. Lending a soothing balm to comfort. Fireflies aloft on its breath. The world sighs contentedly.

Soon the frenetic soundtrack of day fades with the sun. As the first strings of the caecilian symphony warm, the last guests alight on soft pine boughs. It is as if a master has broadly stroked the sky with luminary elegance.

So it begins, this rising of night. The magical hour, the anticipated grand finale of day. Slowly rising twilight lends its romantic ambiance to glimmer over smooth water. 

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Night Rise
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