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Night on the Beach

With Each Ocean Wave...

It was our anniversary and we always wanted to camp on the beach. 

With each ocean wave, came another kiss. 

The nightly dew was already cuddling our tent and that was alright. 

The sand hugged our air mattress as we lay together, just thinking... 

In silence, we both just reflected on life gone past, 

the pleasant things and the terrible things too. 

What mattered most was that we had experienced it all together. 

Being apart would be unimaginable. 

Sparkling grape juice, we'd drank not long before, tickled our stomachs. 

It's funny how you spend loads of time fantasizing and making plans, 

for years down the road, though those same plans you're glad they didn't 

happen, because if they had, you would have missed out on other things. 

These moments of peaceful pondering,

and romantic reflections,

brought such ease,

at last, spirits appeased, 

and we rested that night like we'd never rested before. 

The ocean and nurturing elements were our therapy.   

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Night on the Beach
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