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New Year, New You

Happy 2019 everyone. 🎇

New year new resolutions 

New goals to aim for

A week in you feel great

It's a shame that in a month it won't be the same

The main question is how do we as people,

stay motivated?

That's easy, think ahead to the results.

Think about how refreshing it will feel.

Being able to say you reached your goals.

Whether that's focusing on weight, life or love

Everyone has goals that are obtainable

It's just learning how to get back on the horse,

once you've fallen off. 

The way to do that is set little goals,

in order to the reach your main one. 

Don't take on too much at once.

Little by little you will succeed. 

It's all about the journey and how you got there.

Don't just focus on the end result,

Because you want to get there and be done.

Stop and smell the roses along the way 🌹

Be able to give people a story that will motivate them.

Be a role model.

Be someone who never gave up on their goals,

no matter how hard life tried to stop them.

Show everyone that it's possible to succeed. 

Do it with courage and ambition.

Without those factors you won't make it. 

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New Year, New You
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