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New World?

Cruel World.

The perfect... ruined paradise!

Became imperfect with time.

Our history littered with lies,

I can’t find reason or rhyme.

These or those, think they’re so wise,

their kinfolk recorded, family line.

Just added a little extra spice.

Kept it interesting,

kept them admired,

no matter our demise.

Romanticism of The Crime.


Now we scurry about..

Clueless to our predicament.

Millions going without,

Birthed without any sentiment!

Doomed to wander in doubt.

The Helpers not making a dent.

The Elders no longer have clout.

Kept it benefitting,

The few. The Admired.

Amassing fortunes,

No matter the route.

The poor? Insignificant. 


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New World?
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